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“I Saw the Skwerdlock!”

A story for young readers and listeners…


As “Pops”, John shares the stories he told his daughter years ago, and now tells his grandchildren today. Stories of fun and wonder, sometimes crazy, but always with a smile.

“I Saw the Skwerdlock” is the second Skwerdlock story created to help spark a love of books, help learn a few words, and just have an excuse to sit in the recliner and enjoy time together.

Meet the Skwerdlock

If you are looking for a book that…is serious, teaches important things, talks about boring stuff…

This is not the book you want!

Pops doesn’t write that kind of book.

But if you want a book that…is sometimes just silly, is fun to read, is fun to read over and over and over again…

Then…Meet the Skwerdlock!

eBook and Paperback available Now!

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